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You might have successfully run a company that has experienced growth over the last years. Now complexity calls for structure. Or maybe your company is well established and you have worked with strategic approaches but haven’t harvested full competitive advantages. In both situations your company benefits financially from taking strategy to efficient execution to create value for customers, leaders and your employees.

Performance Management

Successful leaders have one thing in common – they know how to manage performance. This is why we always ask how our clients do performance management. Often we see companies on the verge to start working with structured performance management while other clients already have a system implemented but it doesn’t really add value. Sometimes root causes to challenges with performance management can be found in the system and sometimes it is as simple as the companies just not knowing what really good looks like
Our approach is different to old fashioned, yearly “rank & yank”, individual performance management. We have even seen companies implement systems that deteriorate the foundation for team work through misused, individual performance management. We use a real-time, customer & team based approach and take you through basics performance management in a transparent, people and team based way. Results from working with Stratex on performance management include managers who gain confidence in working with:


1. Objectives
2. Follow through
3. Development of employee and team


Leadership development

Leaders have constant focus on transforming the business to perform at its best. During transformation the overall objective for a leader is to work with strategy realization and turn complexity into business results. This calls for strategic self-awareness as well as managerial competencies. We support you with tailor made leadership development through an accredited approach that builds upon proven theory.


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Your business grows through satisfied customers. That’s why all parts of your organization should be able to articulate how their work contributes to customer satisfaction. Through close dialogue with customers it should be clear what their short term needs are followed by targets and performance metrics. In addition to short term delivery against targets, then your employees should identify or even support customers to articulate what they strive towards. When your organization have the customer dialogue in place then it is clear:
1.     What the level of customer satisfaction is and where to improve
2.     Why customers prefer to buy your products or services
3.     That your organization swiftly adapts to future customer needs
4.     That the customer recommends your company or you know what it takes to get there

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