Stratex is all about making business and people
perform their best

At Stratex we use a practical and simple way to reach successful business results with engaged people. Our model is developed over 5 years in a department of an international company and business results are:
  • Growth in turnover from 600 to 950 mio/USD/year
  • Running costs reduced 10-15%
  • Implementation of clear & transparent processes securing low risk operations
  • Customer satisfaction increased steadily by 44%
  • Employee engagement grew from a mediocre level to become top quartile of the global organization with more than 100.000 employees
In respect for your business context and culture we aim to share our competencies through implementation of parts of or the whole model, which helped us reach these results. The model consists of elements from both the business and people domain. Our vision is to enable your company to perform at its best on the short run but more importantly to work with a mindset where continuous improvements become an integrated part of your competitive edge.
Stratex operates via a network organization where we set up a team for each client. Given that we have access to a large network both locally and globally, it is possible for us to set the optimal team for each specific task.



Stratex supports companies with the steps needed to run a strategy driven business. We work with you to define a customer based strategy and then make your employees unfold it in daily operations.
The HR aspects on our agenda:
  1. Leadership development
  2. Performance management
  3. Change management
  4. Process mindset
  5. Team work across functions
Positive impact on customer satisfaction; productivity gains, your employees are likely to become more engaged and innovative. In other words we support your business with the:
  1. Why (Creating the strategy)
  2. What (Making it tangible and measurable)
  3. How (Implementation)
“When” is up to you – we can be reached at +45 21 48 00 80 to schedule an exploratory meeting around your business needs and desires.
Alternatively you can send an email to: mail(at)


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When you have tried to be part of a high performing team where:
1.     The vision is meaningful and clear
2.     Trust is in place
3.     Developing feedback is welcomed
4.     All team members are committed to create the best results
Then you know the direct effect of high performance and how engaging team work can be. Now you also know the building blocks for what Stratex aims to provide to our customers.


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